• 1. Do you have reference that I can call ?
    Absolutely. We believe checking references is an important part of the buying process. We usually send over references after we determine that we’re a good fit for you and your project. You are also free to contact any of the clients listed in our website client list
  • 2. Are you taking on new custom projects right now ? What is the timeline to get started ?
    Yes, we are always evaluating new projects. The pre-project consulting process takes ~2 weeks. Our Discovery, Design & Planning phase takes 4-6 weeks. Development begins after that.
  • 3. How much will your software cost ?
    We can’t answer this question responsibly until we understand your location, business, market, users, support requirements etc. It’s also important to keep in mind that our software products - restaurant software, clinic software, POS software, inventory software... get broken up into multiple modules and module wise cost will be applicable.
  • 4. What are your payment terms ?
    50% of the quoted amount in advance and balance 50% during the time of installation. We never entertain part payment or credit options.
  • 5. Does ezyERP offer any free support ?
    We guarantee free support for minimum period of three months, depends on the contract with local service providers and customers, the free service can extend up to one year.
  • 6. Can I add modules as we go ?
    Yes. This kind of flexibility is important and could determine the success of a project, but additional modules after kick-off might affect budget or schedule.
  • 7. How successful are your software ?
    We boast a 96.5% success rate in an industry where 52% is the norm. Our applications are properly tested and are up-run at more than 100 customer locations in different countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, UAE and India.
  • 8. If we change our hardware, do we need to pay additional amount for activation ?
    Your license will be for lifetime, you can re-register with any new device with same details. If you are out of free service period or not under AMC, minimum service charge will be applicable for the installation and configuration.
  • 9. Do we lost data if system crash?
    Proper maintenance of system is customer responsibility; we provide option for regular backups to prevent data loss. If hard drive is safe, we generally used to get complete data without any loss. We cannot ensure the data security during hardware failure or operating system failure, customers are advised to take daily backup to safe and secure data.
  • 10. Is restaurant POS software suitable for small cafeteria?
    Our restaurant POS Software is simple and easy to use, it can be used in small cafeteria, quick counters, coffee counters and ice cream counters. Restaurant software supports centralized reporting system for multiple counters and franchise operations.
  • 11. Can ezyERP Software be used in Toy Shop ?
    ezyERP software is suitable for any general retail trading. The general inventory control and basic accounting features are available in ezyERP to manage micro, small and medium retail business.
  • 12. Is ezyERP software available in USA ?
    ezyERP software is a ready to install application for Restaurants, Retail Shops and Clinics. Software channel partners are available in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, India and Australia. For locations other than with channel partners, we do provide online installation and online support. We have an expert and dedicated team to provide online support.
  • 13. How do we start a near shore / offshore software development project?
    Receive client’s requirement, then conduct Research & Requirement Analysis. On client approval of project document and budget Prototype Development starts, followed by Code Generation and Quality Assurance. Then project implementation and Technical Maintenance.
  • 14. How much my custom project will cost ?
    We can’t answer this question responsibly until we understand your idea, business, market, technology required, project size, users, etc. While we can’t tell you exactly what your project will cost, we can draw on the 200+ projects we’ve delivered since 2010 and tell you what’s typical for the projects we’re best suited to help you with.

    While it’s really hard to know the specific costs of the project without going through a requirement analysis phase like our Requirement collection, System Study, SRS Preparation, Design, and Planning phase, we can usually help you set a responsible budget during before you ever hire us.

    No matter how large or small your budget, it’s always our goals for the value our clients receive to significantly exceed the fees we charge.
  • 15. How long does a custom project or web project take?
    A typical small team for the projects we work on is three to four full-time developers. A large team is five to seven people.

    For a rough approximation of project duration, we take the estimates above and divide by 32 hours for each person on the team. For example, a 1200-hour project takes approximately 3 months of calendar time for a team of 3 people (1200 hours / (3 people * 32 hours/person/week) / 4 weeks/month = ~ 3 months).

    On large projects, we’re able to add people and go faster. That’s quite an amazing thing, actually, and not something every team or company can do. Growing the team requires we have additional employees available.
  • 16. Do you have any ready to install software other than Restaurant POS, Retail POS and Clinic Software ?
    Addition to restaurant pos, retail pos and clinic software we have retail inventory and accounts software, travel agency administration software and campus management software. We are into E-Commerce Application development, Custom Web Application development and Custom Mobile App development.

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